Below, please find a video synopsis of our forthcoming paper in the Journal of Human Evolution. The data come from 20 years of research at Ngogo, the largest community of chimpanzees under study anywhere. This paper provides the first analysis of Ngogo demography, specifically, its mortality rates. The size of the community makes this the largest demographic sample available for any community of wild chimpanzees. Quite surprisingly, the life expectancy of chimpanzees in Ngogo, at birth, is within range of human hunter-gatherers. See the video below -- and our paper -- to learn what factors we think are contributing to such high life expectancy at Ngogo.

Our recent publication detailing Hadza physical activity levels and risk-factors for heart disease was written up by Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times

I was interviewed for a BBC Radio 4 program called "Natural Histories" that covered research by Claire Spottiswoode and I on human-honeyguide interactions. There are some beautiful recordings of Hadza whistles in this show. Claire and I are excited to be working together!

A great read covering my research on Hadza-honeyguide interactions appeared in Atlas Obscura, written by Cara Giaimo. It was a pleasure to talk with Cara about the back-stories involved in research.

News coverage of our recent study of sleep duration in non-industrial populations appeared in most major news outlets, including BBC, New York Times, etc. The quality of these right-ups varied immensely. A better review and recap of this work appeared in Nature.

A brief piece that appeared in Scientific American covers some of my research on Hadza honey foraging.

A brief article by Sindya Bhanoo appeared in the New York Times covering our research on Hadza space use.